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Step 1. Understand the Problem

61% of Americans say they wish they read the Bible more, and even though most Americans already own a Bible, the influence of the Bible is losing ground.

Read: American Bible Society's State of the Bible in 2013

Step 2. Reach Your Community

As the leader of your community or church, you can have a huge impact! We designed JourneyMaker as a tool that helps you encourage your community to read and interact with the word of God every day.

Read how others are reaching their community.

Step 3. Build Personalized Devotionals

JourneyMaker allows you to create custom Bible devotionals, called “Journeys,” that are sent to your community daily. In addition to Bible passages, each Journey can contain audio, video, or text to help your community understand and engage with the scripture. A Journey can be a great pair with an ongoing sermon series or can be focused on a specific theme or book of the Bible!


You are on your way to cultivating a habit of daily Bible reading in your community.

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